Summer heat and mid field season update!

This summer has been quite the adventure. I have been trying out a few different techniques, reading a ton of literature, and trying not to go crazy with all of the ideas. As of this week my first dissertation chapter was submitted and I just got the acceptance letter for our Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge AntContinue reading “Summer heat and mid field season update!”

Ant Ecology in New Mexico

New Mexico is a beautiful state. Despite its proximity to both Texas and Oklahoma, I really haven’t spent much time here. At the end of May, I was fortunate to join a team from the Kaspari lab who are resurveying ant transects that were initially measured 20 years ago. They are doing a lot of really cool,Continue reading “Ant Ecology in New Mexico”

Corrie Moreau visits Oklahoma

Every year the graduate students in the Biology department at the University of Oklahoma get to nominate a seminar speaker that they would like to host. This year, I had the pleasure of hosting Corrie Moreau and it was awesome! Corrie is a evolutionary biologist with interests in the origin, evolution, and adaptation of species and maintenanceContinue reading “Corrie Moreau visits Oklahoma”

Ant Ecology at the University of Oklahoma Biological Station (UOBS)

  Labor day weekend brought about an interesting opportunity. Jelena Bujan, ant lover and fellow lab mate in Mike Kaspari’s lab, brought forth an idea about measuring the thermal performance of ants in Oklahoma. We jotted down a rough sketch for the project and then headed to the University of Oklahoma Biological Station (UOBS). Having been stationed there all summer, IContinue reading “Ant Ecology at the University of Oklahoma Biological Station (UOBS)”

Summer Research 2015 – University of Oklahoma Biological Station and Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Check out my research on ants, size, and stable isotopes (CLICK ME)! Besides working on understanding how size affects an ant’s stable isotope signature, I have also been collecting, identifying, and creating species lists of ants at the University of Oklahoma Biological Station and the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. So far we have found new recordsContinue reading “Summer Research 2015 – University of Oklahoma Biological Station and Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge”