New year, New goals

Make it A Good OneThis time of year is always nice to take a break, relax, think back on the past year, and plan for the future. 2017 was incredibly exciting and contained memories I will never forget. Top 5 moments…

  1. Diane and I traveled to England.
  2. Collected ants across the US from Massachusetts to California.
  3. Published my first dissertation chapter in Ecology and submitted my second.
  4. Started a number of collaborations and really enjoyed thinking about and doing science.
  5. We added a furry friend to our family.

…and many, many more.

Looking back on the year made me realize how great it really was. Plus I accomplished almost all of my goals that I secretly listed for myself last January. This time, I thought I would put up my top 5 (academic) things I wish to accomplish so here goes…

  1. Finish my PhD.
  2. Acquire a postdoctoral position starting in 2019.
  3. Submit my 3rd dissertation chapter on arthropod body sizes.
  4. Learn how to incorporate phylogeny into assemblage/community analyses.
  5. Get involved with one professional society besides just being a member.

There are numerous other goals I could list (publishing side projects, attending conferences, running pilot studies, etc.), however these are the big ones that have been resonating in my head. That being said, with a number of papers in review, hopefully we will have some exciting news in the near future. Oh and…

Happy New Year!


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