September Musings – Conferences, Experiments, Papers, and more…

Profile PicThe month of August was fantastic. Mike and I reworked the isotope manuscript. I found some wonderfully cool ants at the University of Oklahoma Biological Station. And I made headway on my massive experiment for my dissertation. All in all, a good month.

September is now here and I think it may be the best of the year. Here is a list of the exciting things taking place.

  1. Submitted a Pheidole paper on their distribution in Oklahoma with Diane
  2. Submitted a paper with Mike as the lead author on sodium in prairie food webs
  3. Collected final data for ant behavior/isotope experiment
  4. Attending the Entomological Collectors Network conference
  5. Presenting at the Entomological Society of America/International Congress of Entomology conference in Florida

Given this rather hectic schedule I am going to call off the book choice for this month and instead focus on a really exciting and relevant special issue in Soil Biology and Biochemistry headed up by Mark Bradford. Should be a good read.

Going forward, and in addition to the monthly updates, I think I will start to set goals for myself for research and writing. I plan to graduate in 2 years and everyone tells me that I am ahead of the game but I do not feel that way, so maybe this will keep me sane. So major goals for the month of September:

  1. Submit Isotope manuscript (it is going to happen!)
  2. Acquire permit for some Pogonomyrmex projects with Diane (more on this later)
  3. Weigh ant samples and send them off for isotope analysis
  4. Work on hypotheses for body size paper
  5. 1st Sampling period for my 3rd dissertation chapter

Until the next update, hopefully a paper acceptance but I can settle for October Musings.

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