Ant Ecology in New Mexico

Karl JORN12

New Mexico is a beautiful state. Despite its proximity to both Texas and Oklahoma, I really haven’t spent much time here. At the end of May, I was fortunate to join a team from the Kaspari lab who are resurveying ant transects that were initially measured 20 years ago. They are doing a lot of really cool, and I think exciting, work that should produce a number of papers and insights into spatial and temporal changes in biodiversity, ecology, and physiology.

I wish I could have stayed longer but I am headed back to Oklahoma to complete some work of my own on ant ecology, soil biodiversity, and continuing with my job at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. This was a great start to an action packed summer where I hope to submit two of my dissertation chapters, collect data for another, and write write write all day, everyday. On that front, we hope to have some exciting news about one of our papers very soon.

*Photo by Josh Kouri.


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